How long will you play for?

We normally perform about 2 hours of live music during the evening, generally finishing by about midnight. This could either be as 2 sets of 1 hour with a break or 3x40 minute sets with 2 breaks. We can alter this to fit your requirements and can play as much or as little music as you require.

Can you provide a DJ?

Helter Skelter can provide a DJ that uses the best DJ software and will work with you beforehand on the type of music you want playing during your evening reception.

Can you play an I-Pod through your PA?

Yes, simply compile your own music and give it to our sound engineer at the start of the evening. Alternatively, we will play party music that compliments the band's set list at no extra cost.

How many of you are there?

We are a four piece band - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass and Drums.

Do you accept song requests?

We accept first dance requests for weddings regardless of whether the song you have chosen is on our set list or not. If it is not on our set list then please let us know at least three months in advance and we will do our utmost to perform it for you.

Will I need to feed the band?

No. However, high quality homemade chips make our guitarist play better!!

How is the set list decided?

From our experience we know what works well at a party so we have a general idea of what we will play. On the night we will read the floor to gauge the mood of the party and alter the set list accordingly. We are very happy to work with our clients prior to the wedding to ensure they get exactly what they want.

Can we use your equipment to make speeches?

Yes. Our equipment and sound engineer are at your disposal throughout the evening for making speeches, announcements etc.

Do you charge extra for sound and lighting equipment?

No. Both sound and lighting are included in your quoted price.

How long to you need to set up and sound check?

We need about an hour and twenty minutes to set up and sound check comfortably. If there are any access issues to the venue we need to know well in advance.

What parking facilities do the band require?

We need two parking spaces as near as possible to where we unload / load our equipment.

How much floor space do you need?

We can perform with or without staging, indoors or outdoors, in an area of approximately 4 metres by 3 metres. For outdoor performances, a marquee is ideal, or at least some sort of canopy in case of wet weather.

What sort of electrical supply do you need?

We require at least two electrical sockets in the vicinity of the performance area. The full band with all sound and lighting equipment requires power consumption of approximately 4000w, which can be safely provided by 2 standard mains wall sockets.

What will you wear?

This depends on the style of evening celebration that you want. We can wear smart black outfits or more informal clothing. Please feel free to discuss this with us.

Will the band work with a wedding planner / organiser prior to the wedding?

Yes, we will liaise as required with the planner/organiser before and during the wedding celebrations to ensure that the bride and groom have nothing to worry about in the time leading up to the wedding and especially on the big day. When you book the band if you can let us have the contact details of the venue as soon as possible, we will liaise with them so you don't need to worry.

Can I view the band before booking?

Unfortunately we don't perform very many public shows, when we do play our show dates are listed on our Facebook page:


 All are welcome. Please note these shows are not tailored to the specific requirements of a bride and groom. The shows will give you a very good impression of Helter Skelter's high quality levels of performance, material and musicianship.

How much deposit do you require?

Bookings are confirmed by receipt of a £200 deposit. Balance payment is required two weeks before the event.

What happens if I cancel?

In the event of cancellation, the following cancellation fees will apply: More than 12 weeks prior - no cancellation fee. £200 deposit is non refundable.